Sample Quotes: 

At the formation of ICEA, Canadian activist Rick Coronado from Great Lakes United forecasted, “The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA), founded by David and Renate Jakupca, will act as our benchmark by which we can measure change and continuity in everything from the environment to relations between people through the Arts. But more than that, it will remind us that we are not the first people, native and immigrants alike, to face difficult choices in troubled times".

“The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is the blueprint that all all arts organizations should aspire to worldwide. Inspirational, groundbreaking, innovative, encouraging and most important all inclusive. Creativity is strong in ICEA’s hands. Ben Chavis, UCC at the Earth Summit 1992

"We at the Interchurch Council of Greater Cleveland praise the work of God's Spirit on behalf of human rights through the United Nations.  We marvel at the results of the work of the Spirit; We applaud those inspired instruments of Peace who relentlessly and courageously promote and defend human rights;
And we reaffirm our commitment to do our part in bringing this sacred and colossal mission to fruition."  Letter of Support from the Interchurch Council of Cleveland,  Rev. Thomas Olcott., Ex. Dir., June 15th, 1993.

"The Jakupca's efforts prove that art can, perhaps even should, be political and progressive."
Cleveland Magazine, upon receiving the 1994 Reader's Choice Award for Best Artist. 

"David Jakupca and his International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is a team of art experts who have successfully fused not-for-profit idealism with for-profit pragmatism. The result is the country's only comprehensive professional artist run cultural program exclusively devoted to environmental and humanitarian concerns facing mankind in the 21st century. Spending his time devising strategies that have allowed his art work to influence people worldwide in promoting a better way of living, the ‘better way’ is by successfully demonstrating that a socially aware artist with a vision can make a real difference at the global level. Ed Burns, President Cleveland Jaycees 1994

"I would like to congratulate you on the successful presentation of the Habitat II Conference Exhibit in Cleveland, Ohio during your city's Bicentennial celebration.  Activities and support of the objectives of the United Nations by non-governmental organizations such as yours are, indeed, one of the most important means for informing public opinion.  We greatly appreciate the contribution you have made."  Mian Qadrud-din, Director of Public Services, United Nations 1996.

 "Thank you for your recent letter and the accompanying materials about the impact of your exhibit, 'Endangered Spaces' for the American Canvas Project.  Environmental Art is extremely worthwhile and I am glad to hear that it is reaching a global audience."  Jane Alexander, Chairman, National Endowment of the Arts, January 3, 1997.

  "People doing extraordinary things to preserve the environment."
Time Magazine, Nominated as Heroes of the Planet, April 2000

 "In recognition of participation in the establishment of better ties amongst nations.  The holder of this memento is hereby honored for a positive contribution towards and participation in the establishment of a better future for South Africa and the World especially the upliftment of children  and those in need living in poverty without jobs and food."  Nelson Mandela, 2001 UN Conference Against Racism in Durban, SA

"David and Renate Jakupca have been the leaders in showing how the Theory of Iceality works -- how small changes can lead to big ones. It is particularly fitting that as they approach the zenith of their careers, it coincides with this year's award. They are universally recognized and have been the honored guests at an extraordinary number of lectures and symposia all over the globe celebrating the Iceality of Peace."  
India Keyes, Community Cultural Activist, Freedom Award 2012

"With the founding of the 'Great American Peace Trail', the Pathfinders [David and Renate Jakupca] have blazed a Trail in the History of Peace so that all others may follow,  this is a natural extension of Man's capabilities"  Christ Herbert, City of Parma Educator, at Parma Peace Stone Ceremony.