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Uncertain about travelling to the Mediterranean?
Now you can visit Europe and still have an Arts and Cultural experience!
Join American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca on a goodwill tour to a fun-filled vacation to Europe's most glittering cities.  But unlike a conventional tour, the Ambassadors will feature a unique and inspiring view of the great wealth of culture that is such a central part of the European travel experience.  You'll see all the wonderful sights of ICEAlity.  You'll have time to explore, time to shop.  You'll enjoy rich fellowship.  And you'll learn about the history and the stylistic themes of the world's great art, but more importantly, you'll discover how to experience the art in an emotionally powerful way -  a way that opens your heart and allows nature to speak more directly to you through the inspiration locked up in these paintings and sculptures hundreds of years ago.

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Sat Oct 25 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
In the Eternal City of Rome, you can explore some of the world's most famous churches, monuments and fountains: the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain (toss a coin in the fountain to ensure your return). Sip cappuccino at a cafe in a piazza or window-shop among the high-fashion boutiques of Via Condotti. Rome is served by the port city of Civitavecchia, approximately 50 miles away
Sun Oct 26 Naples (Capri), Italy
Naples is one of the world's greatest cultural centers, filled with extraordinary works of art and architecture in the classical Greek and Roman styles. Several interesting tours are available of the city itself and the fascinating places that lie just outside of Naples. While you're in the area, you'll want to visit Pompeii, one of the most famous excavation sites in the world. Take a short boat trip to the entrancing Isle of Capri, and explore Capri Town. Wander its quaint streets and explore its shops and cafés. Or, take a ride up the Amalfi Coast. With its ocean views and beautiful vistas, it's one of the most breathtaking stretches of road in the world. Walk around and spend an afternoon getting to know the picturesque city of Naples.
Tue Oct 28 Marmaris, Turkey
The once quaint fishing village of Marmaris has in recent years become a busy holiday resort. Except for its shoreline development, Marmaris is a small village, and a short stroll will show you the layout of the downtown section. The very heart of town is the little plaza next to the ferry dock. Located here are the customs house, tourism office, currency exchange booths, hotels and the market district.
Wed Oct 29 Izmir, Turkey
Izmir is one part idyllic fishing harbor, one part holiday retreat, filled with the remains of ancient civilizations. The city lies at the head of a long and narrow gulf filled by ships and yachts. The constant and refreshing sea breezes temper the heat of the palm-lined promenades and avenues which follow the shoreline, and the terraces that climb the surrounding mountains. Izmir is the home of the International Arts Festival and the International Fair.
Thu Oct 30 Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is one of the world's most interesting cities. Cruise passengers get a striking view of the minaret-pierced skyline as the ship pulls into port. The treasures are plentiful here; visitors marvel at the great architectural triumph of the Blue Mosque, the glorious frescoes and mosaics of the Chora Church and the amazing Grand Bazaar.
Sat Nov 1 Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Piraeus is the port to Athens -- the birthplace of Western civilization. The first stop on most excursions is the Parthenon on the hill of the Acropolis. The Acropolis also is the site of the Propylea, the Temple of the Wingless Victory, the Erechtheion and the Acropolis Museum. A drive down Syngrou Avenue offers an impressive view of the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The National Archeological Museum houses a rich collection of antiquities.
Sun Nov 2 Olympia (Katakolon), Greece
From the small port of Katakolon on the Ionian Coast, it's a short 30-minute drive to Olympia, where ancient Greeks came to celebrate the games. At the ruins of the sanctuary at Olympia, visitors can see the temples of Zeus and Hera, the floor of the original stadium and the Council House where athletes took the Olympic oath. A museum has a unique collection of Greek sculpture, ancient pieces of armor and bronze figurines found during the excavations.
Tue Nov 4 Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy
From the port city of Livorno, the riches of this remarkable region are revealed. A trip to Florence, with a stop at the leaning Tower of Pisa en route, provides some unforgettable experiences, including the Piazza del Duomo with its grand cathedral. Florence is home to the fascinating art treasures of the Italian Renaissance -- works by Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. A highlight is a visit to the Accademia Gallery, which houses Michelangelo's famous statue of David.
Wed Nov 5 & 6  Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 
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