ARK in Berea Eco-Museum - This 2014 Pragmatic Peace Paradigm for 2114 from the International Center for Environmental Arts addresses areas where Peace Agencies working together may be able to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the real sense across boundaries, cultures, societies and nations to build the new sustainable Culture of Peace Movement for All Living Things (Worlds Children).  Within these areas are growing zones of fragmentation, overlap, or duplication where new multiple agencies and activities are creating waste and inefficiencies. Although at times, it may be appropriate for multiple social activist agencies or entities to be involved in the same programmatic or policy area due to the nature or magnitude of the Peace effort, there are many areas where opportunities exist to achieve resource savings and achieve financial benefits.

To address the issues identified in this report, Ambassador Renate says, being more realistic, will lead to better results.  “If we would pick just one or two things, we can cut out a lot of the clutter and divided attention and actually experience a little transcendence and success, which is really what, according to the Iceality Methodology, drives humans to repeat good behavior over all,” she says.

The world is full of confused and distressed individuals who will follow their own greed recklessly at the expense of others. They have been plentiful and active enough to manipulate history, and their history has proven to be a valid warning guide for future actions.  Hence, these new activists can learn from the past to be forewarned of what the future may hold for them if ambiguous people are allowed to operate out of control and unopposed in the proposed  peace movement. A little sweat in this area now may save a lot of blood later and prevent the Culture of Peace Movement heading into Chaos.

Given that these areas of concern extend across the globe and, therefore, in a wide range of conditions amongst these areas, it would suggest that a similarly wide range of actions be open for consideration, preferably without compromise.   As ICEA CEO and American Cultural Ambassadors, David Jakupca has stated previously, “To support a new Universal Culture of Peace Movement that’s built to last, we need a Sustainable Iceality System built for the 21st Century. We’ve made real progress toward that end at ICEA, and we look forward to working with others to enact reforms to make the Culture of Peace Movement work more effectively and efficiently amongst all living things.

This Pragmatic Peace Paradigm caps a continuing 13 year effort to eliminate waste, improve productivity, and steer resources into one supportive peace program. At a time of increased pressure on all levels, the ‘Worlds Children’ cannot afford to keep paying into the same service two or three times. Over the past thirteen years, ICEA’s accountability research has found many areas where Peace Agencies are now duplicating efforts, at a cost that can be escalating into billions of dollars. How many billions? No one knows. "The big problem the ICEA has is that we can't adequately estimate their savings because Peace Agencies won’t tell them how much they're spending," said David Jakupca. “From day one, ICEA has made rooting out waste and improving the way it works a top priority," said in a statement from Patrick Cahill, controller for ICEA."

Often, several Peace Agencies are doing the exact same research but with different sponsors. ICEA found Peace Agencies that partly or completely overlapped their work being done by other Peace Agencies.  A good portion of this replicated work is unintentional and with good intentions, but as the Culture of Peace Movement grows and becomes more lucrative, it is attracting charlatans masquerading as legitimate activists and organizations.  Already, grants from different sources are awarded to the same unscrupulous researchers, allowing them to "double dip."
"The point is, the Peace Agencies will not exchange information about their programs because other Peace Agencies will ‘poach’ their information and use it as their own. It is inherent in the design, that a Top Secret Military Complex must shield its research from Spies when creating new weapons of War. However, Iceality Agencies should be transparent and open but credit needs to be given for the research on creating new tools of Peace that they develop. Except for the United Nations, which has limited authority, there’s no centralized place where all this valuable stuff could be discovered, searched, managed and protected." Jakupca said.

"Another point is that these Peace Agencies, of course, have different missions, and they're somewhat competitive for funding.  Some benefactors like to see that their money goes First to the best people that will support and advance their own special interests than to the people they claim to represent Second.’ he said. "Competition is good, but cooperation is also good."

People are going to go slow when addressing this problem, but that's because there is no reliable information as much as bureaucratic resistance.
"The People have the ultimate authority.
The People created all these Iceality Programs.
The People ought to oversight them, downsize them, put limits on them and then fund them properly, and then come back in about two years and see if they're effective," Jakupca said. "It's complicated since all peace programs are joined at the hip someplace with International Political Parties usually with a narrow-minded benefactor, and career politicians that don't want to irritate their patrons."

Dracha Arendee

                        David and Ambassador Renate Jakupca
are considered Cleveland's first Professional
                        Peace Makers and the Progenitors of  the International Environmental Arts Movement.


THEORY OF ICEALITY ON ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS  is the practical study on the aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things ~ Human, Plant and Animal Kingdoms!

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