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ANITA for Mar 5 2nd hour show

The "Narrhallamarsch" is usually used as a march which is played whenever a speaker enters or leaves the stage on a convention. Narr in German means jester, and Narrhalla is the jesters' heaven, and a pun on Valhalla which was Odin's heaven in Northern mythology. Based on Brewer of Preston.

Narrhallamarsch is considered as the most popular musical piece performance during the sessions.



Do you ever want to give a gift to a friend, but don't know what to give?  Well, why not try making a Herman the German Friendship Cake?  All you have to do is make a Herman the German starter recipe to give to your friends.  I am sure they will love it, and they can then start their own little chain.

Have you ever heard of a Herman friendship Cake before? No? I hadn’t either but a couple of weeks ago a friend gave me a tub of doughy mixture that I was to talk to, stir and nuture for ten days before passing on to four friends and cooking the remains. So instead of chain letter, think chain cake. Sharing is caring and what a lovely gift to give away. Do you want to know more?

A Herman friendship cake is something that money cannot buy,  but you can give it away. Heman is alive . He grows slowly because of the yeast process. It also takes ten days before you can eat him. A Herman friendship cake shouldn’t be put in the fridge and also requires a lid or to be covered by a tea towel. He grows at room temperature.

I did a little googling and came up with the starter recipe for Herman so if you fancy starting your own little chain then you can.
A Herman Friendship Cake Starter Recipe

Is Herman cake German?
Image result for Why is Herman cake called Herman?
BBC Good Food has a good recipe to start off your Herman the German friendship cake, even though the description is a bit sinister: "You have to keep Herman alive for ten days then bake him and share with friends."

So, why not start your own Herman the German Friendship Cake?  You can find the Herman the German Friendship Cake starter recipe on our Clevelan German Radio Show Facebook Page.

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-baby its cold outside

Generic 1 hr

Generic 2 hr

Renates Song:

Mainzer Narrhalla Marsch with cymbals and drums working overtime! I can imagine Gerd Frobe stepping out to this one!



Guten Morgen, meine Damen und Herren. You are listening to WCSB Cleveland, 89.3 on your FM dial. Wilkommen zum heutigen, deutschen amerikanishen radio program, euer Heimatradio mit alte heimatslieder und folks melodian. Wir hoffen das jeder eine schoene Woche gehabt hat und wir wuenschen heute jedem einen schoenen Sonntag.

Welcome to the First day of Spring!  
I am sure by now everyone is ready for Spring, the birds seem to be chirping louder, the air seems more warmer,
the sun seems brighter, and people seem happier, and, of course, the cowbells seem louder!

"When does spring start?" Yhis is a more confusing question than you might think. Turns out, it depends on who you ask.

That is because most people may say that around March 20, the date of the Spring equinox, marks the beginning of spring  
But to a meteorologist, the answer is around March 1.

Astronomically speaking, spring begins on the spring equinox, which is the point on the earth’s orbit when the sun is directly over the equator.
This year, it is on March 20 – at 11:33 a.m. to be specific.  The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, although our clock times reflect a different time zone.

Meteorologists define spring, and seasons in general, in equal three-month chunks that mark the warmest and clodest stretches of weather for a region.  It is a more consistent method of defining the seasons and helps with record-keeping.

Spring is the season when the landscape comes to life after a cold winter. There is stronger sunlight, temperatures begin to rise, and the days grow longer. The weather can change a lot in spring. It can be sunny and dry one minute, and wet and showery the next.
For those of you growing weary of our long cold winter weather and getting a case of Cabin Fever, there is only one prescription...more cowbells!


You know, there are times, especially during the holidays, when you just seem to overeat.  You always
say....I am not going to eat so much or I am going to watch what I eat, but somehow with all the delicious
goodies and holiday foods, you always end up overeating.  Well, I have some ideas that might help you......

What do you do when you ate too much? You go on a Verdauungsspaziergang, of course!

A Verdauungsspaziergang is a walk that you take to get you moving and help you digest your food more quickly.

This colloquial term comes from the words Verdauung (“digestion”) and Spaziergang (“a walk”). A direct translation would be a “digestion walk”. After stuffing yourself, it may be wiser to go for a Verdauungsspaziergang instead of lying down, which would ultimately make it more difficult to get moving again. By getting some fresh air and moving your body, you are speeding up the digestion process.

n German, there’s a saying that emphasizes this belief: Nach dem Essen sollst du ruh’n oder tausend Schritte tun (“After eating you should rest or take a thousand steps.”) This phrase originated in Ancient Rome, which suggests that people have believed in the benefit of a “digestion walk” for centuries.

So, next time you eat too much, avoid the temptation of lying down – and go for a walk instead!
It will make you feel so much better!  



Ich wuensche euch einen
wundervollen Tag voller
positiver Energie und Glueck.
Lass euch von der
Schoenheit des Morgens inspirieren
und gehe mutig und voller
Zuversicht in den Tag.
Vergiss nicht, dass ihr
stark und talentiert seid
und alles erreichen koennt,
was ihr euch vornimmt.
Ich wuensche euch
einen wunderbaren Tag,
voller Erfoge und Freude!



Guten Morgen!
Oeffne die Augen,
erlebe die Zeit,
ein schoener Morgen
steht fuer euch bereit.
Jemand der euch ganz besonders mag,
wuenscht euch einen
wunderschoenen Tag!

CLEVELAND GERMAN RADIO SHOW Recipe of the Week: Zitronen-Blaubeer-Kuchen

I love cakes with fruits, and especially with Spring here soon, it is the perfect Kuchen to bake and enjoy with friends!  I can smell it already baking!
And, by the way, Blueberries are an Antioxidant Superfood!  So, they are good for you!

This Zitronen-Blaubeer-Kuchen recipe produces a perfectly moist, flavorful and delicious Kuchen! Topped with a lemon glaze this easy Kuchen recipe is a classic combination of tart, sweet, and bright flavors! Sure to be a new favorite! Serve for breakfast, snack, or dessert!  

This Zitronen-Blaubeer-Kuchen is a delicious, flavorful quick bread perfect to enjoy along with a cup of coffee or tea. I love the bright flavors of blueberry and lemon, and they work together so beautifully in this simple Kuchen.

This Zitronen-Blaubeer-Kuchen recipe comes together quite quickly and would be perfect for a special brunch, tea party or shower.

For the recipe of this delicious Zitronen-Blaubeer-Kuchen, please go to our Cleveland German Radio Show Facebook Page.


Good Morning Everyone!  
Welcome to this morning's Cleveland German Radio Show....Dein Heimat Radio Program!
You know, listening to our Cleveland German Radio Show has the ability to reach across borders and has become a valuable source of information where reliable news is scarce.

The Cleveland German Radio Show is the cheapest form of entertainment in Cleveland and Worldwide, it provids you the listers with far better entertainment than most people were accustomed to. As a result, the Cleveland German Radio Show popularity is growing with leaps and bounds.

The Cleveland German Radio Show is now powerful tool for celebrating humanity in all its diversity.
Its unique ability to reach out to the widest audience means the Cleveland German Radio Show can shape a society's experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard.

The Cleveland German Radio Show is now an everlasting powerful communication tool which has survived the test of time.
Its ease and accessibility to reach a vast audience quickly has allowed it to grow. For over 50 years Dein Heimat Radio Program has had the ability to reach listeners just about anywhere and at any time.

The Cleveland German Radio Show  allows for the transmission of rare german music all around the world, bringing different styles from opera to polkas to parts of the world that had never even imagined such things. Likewise, Dein Heimat Radio Format has signaled a major shift in how the Cleveland German Community communicates.
It connectes the German Community in ways never before possible.

And in the future, by working together the possibilities are endless and will continue to grow.

To summarize,  Dein Heimat Radio Program has more benefits than drawbacks. The remarkable improvements in technology will enable the Cleveland German Radio Show to perform more and become more widely available. There is no doubt that radio broadcasting will continue to account for a very substantial segment of the Cleveland German Community market.

So, stand by, and get ready to be amazed!
This is Ambassador Renate und......

Like Rente said Dein Heimat Radio is free, and our audiences can listen to them all day long.
Unlike other venues like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Amazon Music, listening to the radio is entirely free and inexpensive. And not only that, radio listeners have a wide selection of German Music that they want to hear.
On this occasion to mark the significance of the day, we bring you 5 advantages of listening to the Cleveland German Radio Show.
It is entertaining. ...
You feel relaxed. ...
Helps you relieve stress. ...
It is informational
and we play more cowbells then ant station in the Nation.

Thanks to the ability to adapt to market changes and to cutting edge technological developments, there can be no doubt that the CGRS is now positioned to be an important source of news and entertainment for decades to come.

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  Alles Liebe zum Valentinstag!

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