It is a privilege and honor for me to share my thoughts with you today as the recipient of the 2021 Honorary Degree in Environmental Arts and Peace Sciences from the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA).
This year presented a total of 15 candidates from 7 countries: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.
All the Worlds Children congratulates these Recipients as human rights defenders, environmentalists, artists committed to peace, and creators of initiatives for reconciliation, non-violence, justice, solidarity and peace, at local, national and international levels.
The CLEVELAND NATIONAL PEACE PLAN is being implemented and it is needed that since people have been working in many unimaginable ways, it’s time we begin to heal and overcome - together - in solidarity.  The 2021 Recipients have all succeeded in developing particular approaches incorporating Iceality that integrates justice, economics, culture and technology in one way or another to meet the challenges of today's societies.
Their holistic and collective initiatives will become lighthouses that mobilize one's hope to build a future American Culture of Peace with the Great American Peace Trail. They bring with them a world of tolerance and harmony that builds relationships between People, their Environment with respect to the Fauna and Flora living here: the Worlds Children.
This distinction is unique to Cleveland and is designed to recognize efforts that Northeast Ohio is the global home of the Environmental Arts Movement and will serve as an ongoing reminder of achievements through Iceality in making Northeast Ohio the 'Universal Cradle for a Culture of Peace' for all Living Things that will be an inspiration for future generations to follow.

The WCPM would like to thank everyone who participated in this edition for their openness to the new approach that is more collaborative than competitive. We are pleased to offer visibility to all your community peace initiatives, whether known or not. The only objective of this prize is to make known a maximum of initiatives and artisans of peace to the general public, and this goes beyond any form of competition! We remind you that as we announced in a previous e-mail, in this way we try to give greater visibility to each prizewinner and we invite you to expand the solidarity network of the artisans and peacemakers that the needs to highlight.

With warm good wishes,
Peace Friend,

Ambassador Renate Jakupca
Worlds Children Peace Monument


mothers day songs

Patriotism makes you feel alive. To the great people, living for the country must be the first goal. A patriot never choose money over country benefit. Be bold, a bright star, and brave heart. Always do proud of your country irrespective of its greatness by embracing your country's art, culture and values. Listen to local music and watch local movies. Make it a priority to visit your own country's destinations before traveling to other countries. Youth can also teach and encourage children to love and respect their countries, in order to grow their national pride. The true measure of a Patriot is when a person lays down their life with the knowledge that those he saves... will never know.




Guten Morgen, meine Damen und Herren. You are listening to wcsb Cleveland, 89.3 on your fm dial. Wilkommen zum heutigen, deutschen amerikanishen radio program, euer Heimatradio mit alte heimatslieder und folks melodian. Wir hoffen das jeder eine schoene Woche gehabt hat und wir wuenschen heute jedem einen schoenen Sonntag.

Christmas at Rockefeller Center

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Guten Morgen, meine Damen und Herren. You are listening to wcsb Cleveland, 89.3 on your fm dial. Wilkommen zum heutigen, deutschen amerikanishen radio program, euer Heimatradio mit alte heimatslieder und folks melodian. Wir hoffen das jeder eine schoene Woche gehabt hat und wir wuenschen heute jedem einen schoenen Sonntag.

Welcome to the Cleveland German Radio Show..... Guten Morgen! From now on until Christmas this your Tannenbaum Radio, the official Radio of the Christkindlmarkt Cleveland.!!  


Rejoice! Today is the third Sunday of Advent also called celebrate Gaudete Sunday, Latin for “Rejoice” (who knew my Latin classes would pay off so well!).
The third Sunday of Advent is meant to remind us of the joy that the world experienced at the birth of Jesus, as well as the joy that the faithful have reached the midpoint of Advent.
On this third Sunday of Advent, we light one more candle on our wreath: the pink candle.


The holidays can be a stressful time of the year!  Don't be too hard on yourself!  Enjoy the journey.  You will be lessed stressed by doing that.  Treat yourself kindly.  Simply being kind to yourself widens your perpective on enjoying the rue spirit of the holidays.


You are determined to get everything just right this Christmas, from selecting the best tree to creating that perfect table setting.  But the pressure you are carring on your shoulders is starting to make you think....If it's not perft, then I'm a failure.  These thoughts is the voice of toxic perfectionism, and it leads to stress, self-criticism and exhaustion.  Perfectionism is especially toxic for women,  because the expectations we have for ourselfs are amplified by society to be the ideal mother, hostess and on and on.  The more we hold on to an illusionary version of the ideal holiday, the harder we are on ourselves.  Thankkfully, it is possible to strive to do our best, without falling to have everything perfect  Go for that A plus in everything you do, but if you fall short, it is not is information that will help you learn and grow.


This is Ambassador Renate und........






There is a lot going on in the German Community right now.  Yesterday was the Snowflake Dance at German Central.  Sachsenheim had the Krampusfest.
The one we attended was the American Nationalities Movement Christmas Celebration.  Honored was Rob Portman, retiring US Senator from Ohio.  Also, the International Center for Environmental Arts received a Congressional Recognition from Senator Portman for dedication to promoting German Culture and Heritage in the German Community.  Also, the recognition was accepted by American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca.  You can see more on our Cleveland German Radio Facebook Page.




Eine Himmlische und besinnlicht Adventszeit,
begleitet von Liebe, Freude, Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit,
wunsche ich euch!
Machs gut und geniess die Adventszeit.
Ich wuensche Euch
ganz viel Erfolg und Gluck
Ich wunsche Euch
einen ganz tollen Dezember






Es its Winterzeit
und Weihnachten nicht mehr Weit.
Bleib eimnal Stehen und eile nicht
und schau das kleine helle Licht
Hab einmal Zeit fur euch allein
zum reinen unbekimmert sein.
Lass eure Sinne einmal ruhen
und habe den Mut zum garnichts tun
Lass diese wilde Welt sich drehen
und hab das Herz sie nich zusehen,
sei wiedeer Mensch und wieder Kind
und spuer wie Kinderglucklich sind
Ein gemuetliches Zuhause,
ein glaschen Wein,
ein guter Braten bein Kerzenschein
und eine schoene Weihnachtszeit
wuenschen wir euch
mit liebe Grusse von uns




Das Jahr kommt zum ende
Stille legt sich uber
Wiesen und Walder
Warme kehrt in die Haiser
und der Weihnachtsmann
hat sich zu Euch auf dem Weg gemacht.
Ich habe im drei Geschenke
fur eich mitgegeben
In dem ersten is Ruhe und Frieden
In dem Zweiten Besinnlichkeit
und im Dritten
Meine aller besten
Wuensche fur ein
wunderschoenes Weihnachtsfest!






Frohe Weihnachten
Gemutlichkeit mit view Zeit
Gedanken die voll Liebe klingen
und in alllen Herzen schwingen
Ein Lachelndes Gesicht
Ein warmendes Haus
voll Hoffnung und Freude
Geborgheit und Zweisamkeit
Eine herzlich Umarmung
Worte deer Liebe
Familie, Kinderlacheln,
Lichter funkeln,
Im uberfluss
Kleine und Grosse Wunder
Momente der Stille
und des Gluck
Kerzenshein und Glaschen Wein
verstehen, verzien
Herzen die wieder Klingen
Mit lieben Freuden Lieder Singen
Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit
Liebe und Frohlichkeit
das alles und nich nur
zur Weihnachszeit
und ein gluckiches
Neues Jahr
das wunschen wir Euch






R--Well, that was a nice song.  
D--We are getting a lot of good Christmas songs this year.  Hey, Renate, do you have any more of those Vaniele Kipferl?
R--No, that is all I was aable to bring
D--What are you talking about, there were only like 3 cookies here....that is all you brought?
R--Yes, but you forget you had a couple of handfuls at 3 o'clock in the morning!
D--Well, I think you should have made up for it by bringing something else.
R--I did....those are the crumbs on the plate.
D--Yes, what is up with that?  What was there?
R--Well, the cookies I put out, I think Mr. Cow ate before the show.'s going to be a long Christmas!
R--Do you want some coffee?
D--No better make it a Schnapps!


Renates Song background music  dec 18  dec 25

renates song
xmas instermantal


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st nick war ein seeman


wings of silver bird
so ein tag


perry como home for the holidays -- add to ThanksGiving CGRS show






Guten Morgen, meine Damen und Herren. You are listening to wcsb Cleveland, 89.3 on your fm dial. Wilkommen zum heutigen, deutschen amerikanishen radio program, euer Heimatradio mit alte heimatslieder und folks melodian. Wir hoffen das jeder eine schoene Woche gehabt hat und wir wuenschen heute jedem einen schoenen Sonntag.


Welcome to the CGRS today!  Guten Morgen! From now on, your Tannenbaum Radio, the official Radio of the Christkindlmarkt Cleveland.








Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?  I am sure everyone has special stories and recipes to share of this year's experiences.  We would love to hear
from you on our Cleveland German Radio Show Facebook Page!  We are now officially in the Christmas Season with the Christkindlmarkt Cleveland - be sure to like and share the Chriskindlmart Cleveland Facebook Page.  It is a wonderful facebook page filled with happy thoughts, pampering yourself, eating too much, gathering around with friends, neighbors and family and even with people you might have just met sharing recipes, funny stories, laughter and maybe just sharing a moment having coffee together.  There are no set rules.  Just make this holiday season easy on yourself, try not to judge other people, be creative and be kind.  Your reward will come back to you in a positive way!  


And speaking of the holiday season..... (will go right into topics for today that David already has on the radio)


This is Ambassador Renate und........















We have some holiday snip its that we would like to pass on to you.
The mistletoe girls are getting ready for the holidays and hanging mistletoe secretly in the clubs.  
If you would like a map of where the mistletoe is, you can get it from the Baron, Dan Hilt, or the debonair, Hubert Haller, or multi-talented, Mike Beck.
Maps are $1 each and the proceeds go to a worthy cause.  And what is that Renate?


Me....I think they are going to use it to buy chapstick for the girls.
and they said the lipstick of the season is going to be luscious cherry!


And I have a note here from Susie... she wants me to tell Mary to stop dancing so close to her husband.  In fact, stop dancing with him completely!


all right, we have one more from Casey....she is making eggnog and wants to know what liquor goes into the mix.


Me.....we always made it with Stroh's Rum from Austria. While brandy is the most traditional alcohol to add in for eggnog, according to traditional recipes, you can also use a mixture of dark rum and Cognac. If you like your eggnog a little more boozy, you can also add bourbon, but we recommend sticking to rum and Cognac to preserve the 'nog's flavors. but you can use almost anything.  
In Austria, there is Eierlikör which is like Eggnog and this egg-based liqueur is both strong and sweet with different aromas like vanilla. Eierlikör can be enjoyed on its own or used in other cocktails – such as German Eierpunsc


We are going to end with a holiday joke for everyone.  So, everybody get ready!  Are you ready Nattie?    Yes I am!


Knock Knock......
Who's there?
Mary Who......
Merry Christmas to Everyone!  Both say








Now back to the music
















And this song is especially for you, Paul Weber.  I don't have to say the name of the song.  I know will know it!  Enjoy!








“Adding a smile to your daily routine will offer you significant improvement in your life to combat anxiety, depression, stress, and self-esteem issues. Smiling more will also boost your outlook every day and have an impact on your life with healthy vibes, giving you a glowing attitude.”


























































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Renates Song




























































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WUNDERBAR TOGETHER is a national German American venture put on the German Mission to the United States. In Cleveland, the The gift of Peace to America from Germany is the "Worlds Children Peace Monument" (WCPM) and is the Wunderbar Together Project. The WCPM is the cornerstone of the national coast to coast and the "Great American Peace Trail" . These Peace Projects are international public participatory art projects designed to engage children with cross-cultural awareness in order to attain the common goal of sharing peace and diversity with their neighbors.  The peace projects have direct community impacy through neighborhood beautification, community and economic development while building self-esteem and hope in America.  They will help to build better neighborhoods where everyone can live, respect and accept each other as they diplomatically negotiate errors and differences of prejudice and hatred and instill in its place the belief in the necessity of communication. It is also the purpose for Mayor Bibb to celebrate German American Day at Cleveland City Hall on October 6th this year. As Joe Namath says on TV --- ITS FREE! so I hope everyone will attend and acknowledge your German/Austrian heritage.  For more information, contact your German/American organization or the Cleveland German Radio Facebook page.




Please remember that if you enjoyed listening to this show, it is available all week long, 24 hours a day worldwide on the internet at  Please share this with your friends and family because this program belongs to everyone and they should know about it.





cow sounds 3:53
We also have a request from Manfred Mayerhofer for







Word of the Week: Schneidersitz


When you’re sitting cross-legged, what do you call that position? In English, you might say you are “sitting Indian style”, but in German, that is the so-called Schneidersitz (“tailor’s sitting position”).


The Schneidersitz describes a very typical cross-legged position that you might use during meditation, classroom discussions or any other situation that requires you to sit comfortably on the ground.


This term originated several centuries ago, when tailors (Schneider) used to sew all clothing by hand. Back then, tailors often sat cross-legged on the table across from their sewing machine. This prevented any cloth or material from falling onto the ground. This position also made it easier to work with heavier material.


In workspaces that employed more than one tailor, the Schneidersitz was also a way to use up as little space as possible; a tailor’s assistant(s) were often found sitting cross-legged in the corner while they did their work.
Today, however, the Schneidersitz has little to do with tailors – especially since factories produce much of the world’s clothing.


Instead, the Schneidersitz simply refers to the cross-legged position that everyone uses at some point or another. So whether you’re sewing or meditating, now you have a name for your sitting position: the Schneidersitz!



How to Make an Advent Wreath in America
With the holidays here now, I am sure everyone is buying or making a wreath for the occasion, whether for Advent or even thoughout the year.  It is so much better to make your own wreath an embolishing it to your liking and so much fun, too.  Be creative and you will see how easy it is!


An advent wreath or Adventskranz is traditionally a wreath with fir sprigs or other evergreen branches and four candles that either sits horizontally on a table or hangs from the ceiling.


A hanging advent wreath you will see more likely in a church. Most people won’t hang their wreath because you have real candles on it and therefore balance is crucial and not always guaranteed.


Each candle stands for one of the four Sundays before Christmas. Today I’m going to tell you how I made a German advent wreath here in America.


If you want to know more about the origin and history of the advent wreath and its older alternative, the Paradeisl and Klausenbaum, go to our CGRS FB page.