The Iconic 'People Not Mascots' Logo
The 'People Not Mascots' Logo
Artist: David Jakupca
Acrylic on Canvas 22" x 28" 1992 Signed Lower Right
Current Owner is the Lake Erie Native American Council   (LENAC)
The 'People Not Mascots' Logo is meant to be a Native American protest caricature of the racists Chief Wahoo logo of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team currently playing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. It was originally designed and painted in 1992 by David Jakupca at the historic ARK in Berea for the Committee of 500 Years of Dignity and Resistance along with the Lake Erie Native American Council (LENAC) incorporating elements of the Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts.The 'People not Mascots' Logo has drawn criticism from Cleveland sportswriters, fans and local businessmen, but received  immediate acceptance among humanitarian, religious groups and Native Americans. The Cleveland 'People not Mascots' Logo gained international popular attention when it was it exhibited by ICEA at the 1993 United Nations World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna, Austria.
Anyone who searches the internet for the iconic 'People not Mascots' will see that it has become the most recognized anti-racists logo in existence, CHANGING FOREVER THE WAY PEOPLE VIEW THE WORLD'S TRILLION DOLLAR SPORTS INDUSTRIES!

People Protest against Racist Indians Chief Wahoo Logo:


Does Major League Baseball (MLB) teach the Worlds Children Racial Bigotry?

It is easier to teach young children what is right
then to fix broken adults latter

Examples of the 'PEOPLE NOT MASCOTS' Logo influence on Sports outside of Cleveland:



President Obama Speaks out for "People Not Mascots"

  Cardinals' Ryan Helsley calls Atlanta Braves' use of tomahawk chop 'disrespectful'

It also caused repercussions for the groups connected with using the logo in protest demonstrations and this has been documented in the INTERNECINE MATRIX.

Other major art works by David are the:
- ARK in Berea
- Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM)

About Artist David Jakupca:
David Jakupca, is an American Philosopher, Ambassador, Artist, Activists and Author. He served as both American Cultural Ambassador and Universal Peace Ambassador in International capacities. He is extremely influential through his works, especially as philosophical advocate and practitioner of the environmental arts methods and developing the Sustainable Age revolution.  Jakupca is recognized as the 'Spiritual Father of the Environmental Art’ Movement and is the co-creator with his wife Renate of the 'Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts'. His works established and popularized inductive formula's for scientific inquiry, sometimes called the Iceality Method.  His demand for a planned procedure of investigating all things natural marked a new turn in the rhetorical and theoretical framework for the science of aesthetics, much of which surrounds conceptions of proper Environmental Art Methodology today and is the basis in use for the building of the “Great American Peace Trail”.

Full Story:

What is the "Curse of Chief Wahoo?

The curse of Chief Wahoo is the bad Karma generated by the Cleveland Baseball Team choosing profits and preferences over valuing people who simply ask not to be portrayed this way. 
During regular season games the bad Karma is localized and diminished. But as the teams climbed up in stature during the play-off games the Karma becomes centralized and stronger as more and more people get in the Spirit of the games. 
During the 2016 World Series, bad Karma reached it peak on a national level and jinxed the Cleveland Baseball Team causing them to lose the Series.
It just doesn't have to be this way.
I'll be honest with you, the Spirits have spoken — as long the Cleveland Baseball Team has this logo, the curse remains and they will NOT win a World Series.