ICEA celebrates the amazing and inspirational people around us!

Whether they are a mother, a scientist, a member of Congress, or Vice President, we are eternally thankful for the work that you do to help us thrive here at home and across the globe.

I have the opportunity to know people who are fighting for change in their community and our World.
I thank these incredible activists, and those in our lives who helped us become who we am today,
for all the amazing work they have done.

It is a privilege and honor for me to share to present these Alumni of the Honorary Degree in Environmental Arts and Peace Sciences from the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA).


In alphabetical order:

Abdul Halim
Abdul Jabbar Brohi
Al Roker
Angela Merkel
Antonio Guterres
Carlos Watson
Caryn Elaine Johnson
David N Thomas
Dennis John Kucinich
Drew Carey
Ellen Lee DeGeneres
Farhan Wilayat Butt
Irene Morrow
Jocelyn Robinson
Lori Grenier
Margaret Wong
Marty Cephas
May-May Meijer
Mehmet Oz
Nikki de Palma
Priva Nagarakjan
V. Suresh
Wayne Dawson
Willie Nelson

All the Worlds Children congratulates these Alumni as human rights defenders, environmentalists, artists committed to peace, and creators of initiatives for reconciliation, non-violence, justice, solidarity and peace, at local, national and international levels.

The CLEVELAND NATIONAL PEACE PLAN is being implemented and it is needed that since people have been working in many unimaginable ways, it’s time we begin to heal and overcome - together - in solidarity. The ICEA Alumni have all succeeded in developing particular approaches incorporating Iceality that integrates justice, economics, culture and technology in one way or another to meet the challenges of today's societies.

Their holistic and collective initiatives will become lighthouses that mobilize one's hope to build a future American Culture of Peace with the Great American Peace Trail. They bring with them a world of tolerance and harmony that builds relationships between People, their Environment with respect to the Fauna and Flora living here: the Worlds Children.

This distinction is unique to Cleveland and is designed to recognize efforts that Northeast Ohio is the global home of the Environmental Arts Movement and will serve as an ongoing reminder of achievements through Iceality in making Northeast Ohio the 'Universal Cradle for a Culture of Peace' for all Living Things that will be an inspiration for future generations to follow.

With warm good wishes,

Peace Friend,

Ambassador Renate Jakupca

Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) Team